Central Taiwan Interlibrary Alliance Loan Services

Compiled by the Collection Management and Circulation Services Division


  • Full-time NCHU faculty and staff
  • Current NCHU students


Visit https://ulcct.cyut.edu.twto apply

Application for NCHU faculty, staff, and students:
  • Create an account online. The library will review and email you the results.
  • Upon receipt of the email, apply for access to up to 4 libraries in the system.
  • Once reviewed, an email will notify of the second stage (i.e., university selection).
  • After approval, bring supporting documents (Resident permit and NCHU Student/Faculty ID cards) as instructed to the library. Applicants must register with the universities within 15 days, for access after.

Matters of Attention

  • You must apply for a new Central Taiwan University Interlibrary Alliance Card every school year (September 1 to August 31 of the following year).
  • Only books and materials cataloged are available for loan.
  • Items borrowed through the Alliance cannot be renewed or reserved.
  • Overdue books are subject to a fine of NT$5 per item per day. Any other regulations shall be based on book loan and return rules enforced by each Alliance member.
  • Graduating students’ cards are valid until April 30each year. Those who delay their graduation should contact their university library.
  • Borrowing rights are valid for 1 year, starting from September 1 to August 31 of the following year and cannot be renewed or extended. Upon expiration, you must apply for a new card with your university library.
  • Applicants are kindly requested to comply with regulations to secure access to interlibrary loans and maximize the benefits of their card.

Groups of Alliance Members

  • National Chung Hsing, TungHai, Feng Chia, Providence universities
  • Dayeh, National Changhua/Taichung Education, Jinan, Chaoyang Technology, Asia universities
  • Chung Shan/China Medical, National Chin-Yi Technology, Hungkuang, Chienkuo Technology, Central Taiwan Science and Technology, Ling Tung, National Taichung Science and Technology, National Taiwan Sport, National United, Ming Dao, Nan Kai Technology, Hsiuping Science and Technology, Yu Da, Overseas Chinese universities

The Alliance is composed of 25 members, including NCHU.

Interlibrary Loan Rules

  • A LibrariesB Libraries
    • For A members: 150 cards are available to each university per semester; 5 books can be loaned for 30 days.
    • For B members: 100 cards are available to each university per semester; 5 books can be loaned for 30 days.
    • For C members: 50 cards are available to each university per semester; 3 books can be loaned for 14 days.
    • For A and B members: 100 cards are available to each university per semester; 5 books can be loaned for 30 days.
    • For C members: 50 cards are available to each university per semester; 3 books can be loaned for 14 days.
  • C Libraries
    For A, B, and C members: 50 cards are available to each university per semester; 3 books can be loaned for 14 days.
Teaching Hospital Interlibrary Loan Service
  • There are 3 teaching hospitals that offer interlibrary loans:
    • Taichung Veterans General Hospital
    • Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital
    • Changhua Christian Hospital

*The Show Chwan Memorial Hospital also offers reader and loan services with your National ID Card.

Matters of Attention

  • NCHU faculty, staff, and students must request an interlibrary card at the first-floor Circulation Desk with their NCHU Library Card. Any overdue books or fines must be returned or settled in advance.
  • Students in the Department of Post-Baccalaureate Medicine may borrow books from the Taichung Veterans General and Changhua Christian Hospital libraries by presenting their NCHU Student Card without an interlibrary card.
  • You may request one card for each partnering library, provided that you return the card and all loaned items; otherwise, you will not be allowed to reapply for the same library.
  • To use the interlibrary loan service, present your card at the hospital’s library. The number of items and loan periods are shown below. Borrowed items may not be renewed or reserved.
Hospital No. of Items Loan Period
Taichung Veterans General Hospital 5 28 days
Changhua Christian Hospital 5 30 days
Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital 5 30 days

Lost card: Please keep your interlibrary card in a safe place. If you lose it, please notify the library concerned, then report to the NCHU Library and apply for a new card according to regulations, in which case a fee shall be charged. You will be held liable for any costs or damages from misuse by a third party. Your loss will be kept on record for 3 months, after which you may apply to have it cleared off.

Not for loan

  • Non-books (journals, newspapers, audio-visual materials, electronic resources) or departmental.
  • Read-only (references, course texts, special collections).
  • Restricted as necessary by library divisions.

In case of urgent need, a partnering library may request returns by a specified time.

Note: You must comply with the library’s reading and borrowing regulations during usage of services.

Libraries of the Taiwan Comprehensive University System

Click to download the Taiwan Comprehensive University System User Confirmation Form

The Taiwan Comprehensive University System offers the following reader and interlibrary loan services

  • The 4 members are National Chung Hsing, National Cheng Kung, National Chung Cheng, and National Sun Yat-sen universities.
  • Faculty and students should first submit a completed confirmation form to the NCHU circulation desk and present their school ID at the libraries of other universities to gain permission for usage or loans.
  • Users may borrow up to 5 books at a time for 21 days. Reservations and renewals are not allowed.

Website: Taiwan Comprehensive University System

ULCCT: Current full-time employees and students of the University may apply for the interuniversity library service via the University Library Coalition of Central Taiwan (ULCCT). See the following notes for details.

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