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To support faculty members’ and students’ teaching, research, learning, coursework, and recreational needs, the NCHU Library Multimedia Center has a wide collection of audiovisual media, tabletop games, and scientific exploration materials produced in Taiwan and abroad featuring educational and informative contents. The center also offers well-equipped spaces for faculties and students to use. The "Media Maker Space" is a public multimedia platform that supports mobile phones, desktops, and tablet computers. It provides open workspaces and discussion communities to allow readers to exchange ideas on audiovisual creations.


The Multimedia Center is located on the 3rd floor of the NCHU Library


We offers 30 viewing booths with single or double seating. Each booth is equipped with a personal computer or DVD/videocassette player. Groups of three or more students/staff can apply for multimedia rooms. The majority of audiovisual media are available for checking out, except for new arrivals. Faculty can borrow up to five items for seven days. Staff and students can borrow up to two items for five days.There will be fines for late returns, and no reservation system in place for any borrowed items. Some materials are only for on-site usage and not opened to public. From 2014, some space was reallocated as Maker Space, offering open space for creating and discussing. NCHU faculty, staff, students, and exchange students can edit video, recording, and play boardgames in the Maker Space.


The Multimedia Center houses a large collection of audio and visual materials including video tapes, audio tapes, CDs, VCDs, and DVDs, as well as a variety of equipment, such as board game, maker area, discussion area.

Service Hours

Regular Semester
Mon. ~ Fri. Sat. ~ Sun. National Holidays
10:00~21:00 10:00~17:00 Closed
Summer/Winter Break
Mon. ~ Sat. Sun. & National Holidays
10:00~17:00 Closed

Rules of the Multimedia Center


  • Movies licensed for public performance are available for use in the Multimedia Center or for loan.
  • Movies licensed for home use are only available for loan.
  • New or popular movies (with a red dot label) are only available for use in the Multimedia Center.
  • Faculty-designated movies are educational films and are only available for use in the Multimedia Center.
  • Read the machine instructions before using a multimedia material. Use the equipment carefully, as you will be liable for any losses or damages. Severe equipment damage due to improper handling must be reported to the relevant unit for further discussion.
  • Do not bring your own multimedia materials and equipment into the Multimedia Center without permission. Materials not licensed for public performance are strictly prohibited.
  • Do not move any of the audiovisual machines and equipment. Audiovisual resources in the library shall be used in accordance with the rules relevant to intellectual property rights. These resources shall not be duplicated, edited, reproduced, and subject to any other matters that violate copyright laws, and shall not be used in public viewing for profit. Users of such resources shall be legally liable for any violation of laws and regulations.

Rules for Borrowing Audiovisual Materials

Amendments to Rules for Borrowing Library Materials from the National Chung Hsing University Library (excerpt) were approved at the 355th Administrative Meeting on September 13, 2010.

Article 2

The following regulations shall apply for the checking out of materials in person by holders of supporting ID during library open hours

  • Faculty, staff, and registered students shall present their University Staff ID / Student ID to borrow materials from the library during library open hours.
  • Part-time faculty, part-time staff, research assistants, and other non-full-time staff shall first receive an acceptance guarantee from the head of their respective department or a full-time faculty member before applying for a library card from the library.
  • Others: (1) Retired faculty and staff of NCHU must present their retirement certificates to apply to borrow materials from the library. (Note: borrowing with a library card)

Article 5

Multimedia Center materials shall be checked out in accordance with the following regulations

  • For full-time faculty, up to 5 items may be checked out and loaned for 7 days.
  • For staff, maintenance workers, registered students, non-full-time staff, and retired staff, up to 2 items may be checked out and loaned for 5 days.
  • Loaned materials shall be returned directly over the service counter during opening hours and shall not be returned by deposit in the drop box.
  • Newly arrived materials may not be borrowed, or, may have their loan periods shortened.
  • Multimedia Center materials are not available for reservation and renewal.

Article 6

Compensation for lost or damaged library collection materials

  • Borrowers must be liable for lost, stolen and damaged library collection materials.
  • Compensation for library collection materials shall be based on the principle of purchasing the original edition of the material.
  • Compensation for library collection materials shall be based on the principle of purchasing the original edition of the material.

Article 9

Overdue books and materials are subject to an overdue fine of NT$5 per item per day.

Terms and Conditions for Borrowing Materials from the Multimedia Center:

  • DVD/VCD/CD among other optical disc materials, video tapes, and audio tapes are available for loan.
  • Newly released films or popular movies with red dot label are only available for use in the Multimedia Center, not for loan.
  • Audio-visual materials should be used in adherence to copyright related laws and regulations. To watch in the Multimedia Center or in public areas such as a classroom, select audiovisual materials that are licensed for “public performance” and pay attention to the scope of the license. Audiovisual materials that are not licensed for “public performance” are only available for home use. Do not replicate or watch these materials in public to avoid violating laws and regulations.
  • Audiovisual materials are expensive and delicate. Please use them with care and avoid scratching the materials. Check that the materials you intend to borrow are intact and correct, otherwise you will be liable for any damages.
  • Other matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the relevant rules of the NCHU library.

Terms of Use of the Audiovisual Space

Target borrowers and Terms of Use:

  • The space is open to faculty, staff, and students of NCHU.
  • Borrowers who are partners of faculty and staff members, library volunteers, NCHU alumni, retired staff, or from affiliated schools, may exchange their library card for use of the audiovisual space.
  • Borrowers must bring their valid ID card in person and insert the card to activate the space, and then retrieve the card when the reservation time has passed.
  • A reserved space will automatically be given to the next available borrower after the 15-minute grace period has elapsed.
  • A space can be borrowed for at least a 30-minute session and at most 4 hours. If the space is not reserved thereafter, it may be renewed one more time before the session expires.
  • The library’s media viewing space is available only for watching audiovisual materials that are licensed for “public performance.” Failure to comply shall result in the revocation of their right to use during that session.
  • The media viewing seats must be kept clean. Facilities and relevant equipment must be used with care to avoid damage. Replicating or transcribing any audiovisual materials are prohibited.
  • Borrowers who break the rules shall be subject to the NCHU Library Rules for Handling Rule Breakers and shall be liable for any damages caused.

Multimedia Center FAQs

The Multimedia Center opens at 10 a.m., and closes at 9 p.m. on weekdays and at 5 p.m. on weekends. Opening and closing times are the same during midterm and final exam periods. During summer and winter holidays, the Center opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 5 p.m.; and is closed on Sundays and on national holidays.

Except for sections labeled “For Use in the Multimedia Center Only”, “Themed Film Festival”, “Selection of Library Collections”, and “Top Videos for the Year,” all audiovisual material sections adopt an open-shelf system in which materials are arranged by call number. Materials in Chinese language are arranged according to the New Classification Scheme for Chinese Libraries, and materials in foreign language are arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification system.

The viewing booths and work studios in the Multimedia Center are open to at least one borrower; small-group media rooms are only available for a minimum of three or more users.

Each reservation has a grace period of 15 minutes. Failure to show up in time will earn you a penalty point. Your right to use the space will be suspended if you accrue three penalty points in a month. All previously accrued penalty points will be eliminated if no more offences have been recorded after one month.

Yes, you can make a reservation by using the Self-Study Space Reservation System

The multimedia viewing booths, work studios, and small-group media rooms can be reserved online by using the Self-Study Space Reservation System or in person by presenting your Student Card at the Multimedia Center.

Large-group media rooms can be borrowed by registering with the Purchase and Maintenance Section of the Office of the University Librarian.

Using the equipment in the multimedia work studios requires a basic understanding. Students intending to use the equipment should first watch a course video on the multimedia website (https://lib.video.nchu.edu.tw/)

Audiovisual materials

For full-time faculty, up to 5 items may be checked out and loaned for 7 days. For students, teaching assistants, staff, research assistants, and maintenance workers, up to 2 items may be checked out and loaned for 5 days. The Multimedia Center is still testing out a loan renewal service that allows all items to be renewed online for a set period of time.

回覆單位: 館長室

Audiovisual materials are normally not open for reservation, but should the need arise for class or activity purposes, faculty and students may submit a request at the multimedia counter.

The staff at the counter will help you to find it if you ask for assistance. If the video is still not found in the Center, you will be asked to fill in a search request form and notified when the video is found.

No, only the collection of audiovisual materials that are licensed for public performance may be watched in the Multimedia Center.

Except for videos placed in the section “For Use in the Multimedia Center Only,” all other videos are loanable.

NCHU alumni library cards only permit access to watching the videos in the library.

You can use the Collection Query System on the library homepage or keyword search under the Audiovisual Resource section on the Multimedia Center website to search for the shelf location in the library and call number. You can ask the Circulation staff for help if you encounter any problems during your search.

You can go to the Book Return counter on the 1st floor and present your student number and ID card to collect a temporary library card. If you intend to borrow an item, you should inform the staff at the Multimedia Center counter who will then verify your personal details. Once your personal details have been verified, you may borrow audiovisual materials as usual.

Yes, you can.

No, you must return them at the Book Return counter on the 1st floor or at the Multimedia Center counter on the 3rd floor because returned items must be inspected for any damages.


Overdue materials are subject to an overdue fine of NT$5 per item per day. Overdue fines must be paid in full before more books or audiovisual materials can be borrowed from the library.

Borrowers are liable for lost, stolen and damaged library collection materials. Compensation for library collection materials shall be based on the principle of purchasing the original edition of the material. Where the original edition is no longer available for purchase, the following rules shall apply: Compensation for non-book and audiovisual materials shall be three times the price of the material (or set of materials); and NT$6,000 for materials in foreign language and NT$2,000 for materials in Chinese language if the price is unknown.

Go to the Board Game section in the Multimedia Center, choose a board game, and take the outer box to the counter for registration and borrowing. Each Student Card can borrow only one board game, and the game can only be played in the Multimedia Center.

You can recommend resources by filling in the related information on the Library Resources Recommendation System (http://aleph.lib.nchu.edu.tw:8080/rc/reader/login.jsp).

Possible reasons may be that the films are not licensed for public performance, are not compliant with the Center’s library collection policy, are not included in budge considerations, or have not been released.

You can add the library’s Living Circle LINE account to get recent updates. Event information is also available on the library homepage, as well as the Multimedia Center website.

You can choose a 3D movie from the bookshelf in the “For Use in the Multimedia Center Only” section in the Multimedia Center, sit in a viewing booth that supports 3D movies (Work Studio 10 and small-group media rooms), and borrow a 3D glass to watch the movie.

These videos are updated about once a month. The availability of videos in the Themed Film Festival section may be extended as needed.


  • Drinking and eating is not allowed.
  • Unauthorized downloading, copying, and/or displaying of the borrowed multimedia without public broadcasting rights is strictly prohibited.
  • Removing any items from the Multimedia Center without proper procedures is strictly prohibited.

Contact Us

Visit us at the 3rd-floor Information Desk
Tel: (04)2284-0290 ext.315.

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