To provide exemplary library services and help NCHU gain more international recognition.


  • To create a safe and enjoyable learning and working environment.
  • To oversee the university collections and resources and ensure accessibility.
  • To provide cross-platform services that satisfy the learning, research and teaching needs of NCHU faculty and students.



  • Every library patron is unique and important.
  • Accommodate the needs of our patrons.
  • Provide a comfortable, friendly, and safe learning environment that stimulates creativity, liveliness, and collaboration.


  • Provide outstanding services using the best resources.
  • Employ talented and promising individuals.
  • Support the growth of individuals and the institution.
  • Exceed the expectations of library patrons.


  • Have a clear and concise workflow, and to ensure a proper execution of the tasks.
  • Provide prompt solutions to the problems of library patrons.
  • Balance work-life stress through good time management and proper planning and review.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Complete tasks using the appropriate tools or resources.

Freedom of Thought

  • Treat each library patron with the same level of care and respect.
  • Foster open-mindedness and acceptance of new ideas.
  • Treat others with empathy.
  • Create a diverse and multicultural environment.
  • Protect the privacy of library patrons.


  • To build a library collection and tools that fit the needs of library patrons.
  • To create a cross-platform Web service that allows easy access to information.
  • To ensure that all data are saved and stored properly.
  • To understand and predict the research, teaching, and learning needs of library patrons.
  • To improve the information literacy of library patrons.
  • To create an environment that is suitable for learning, teaching, and research.
  • To be open to change, embrace diversity, and encourage creativity.
  • To encourage the professional growth of library staff.
  • To facilitate the integration of information and knowledge by collaborating with government agencies, academic institutions, and the industry.
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