Circulation Service

NCHU faculty and students can use their NCHU ID cards as library cards.

Students at partner universities (e.g., National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University) or universities in the University Libraries Consortium of Central Taiwan (e.g., Tunghai University, Feng Chia University) can apply for library cards at their school libraries.

For all other persons, application forms can be obtained at the library front desk or downloaded online. Once you have a completed application form and the required documents, you can apply for a library card at the library front desk.


NCHU library card requirements and fees:

Card type Eligible persons Processing Speed Supplementary documents Guarantor (requires signature on application form) Fees*
Part-time staff library card Part-time teachers,contract staff and research assistants 2-3 business days Copy of NCHU letter of appointment, one one-inch photos Supervisor or full-time teachers in the same department -
Non-degree student library card Students enrolled in continuing education studies or credit programs Immediately two one-inch photos, payment receipts Department head or teaching staff Deposit: NT$2000
Processing fee: NT$200
Interlibrary borrowing card** NCHU students and staff 2-3 business days NCHU ID, one one-inch photo - -
New student library card (temporary) Incoming students who have been accepted to NCHU but have not registered Immediately Copy of acceptance letter or other proofs of acceptance, two one-inch photos Department chair or professors
(None needed if a NT$2000 deposit is paid)
Deposit: NT$2000 (if no guarantor)
On-leave student library card Students who have interrupted their studies Immediately Proof of interruption of studies, one one-inch photo, payment receipts - Deposit: NT$3000
Fee per semester: NT$500 (not refundable)
Retired staff library card Retired staff at NCHU 2-3 business days Retirement certificate (will be returned upon inspection), one one-inch photos - -
Alumni library card NCHU alumni Immediately Alumni card, one one-inch photo, payment receipts - Deposit: NT$2000
Processing fee: NT$200
Visitor library card Persons who are at least 18 years old 2-3 business days National identification card (will be returned upon inspection), one one-inch photo, payment receipts - Deposit: NT$3000
Annual fee: NT$2000 (not refundable)
Family reading card Spouses, children, parents or grandparents of NCHU employees 2-3 business days Documents that show proof of relationship between the applicant and the NCHU employee, one one-inch photo The NCHU employee Processing fee: NT$200

* Please visit the Cashiers’ Office (located in the Administrative Building) to pay the associated fees. Be careful not to lose the receipts, as you will need them to get your deposit back. Once you return your library card, the deposit will be returned without interest. **Interlibrary borrowing cards grant borrowing privileges at universities affiliated with the University Libraries Consortium of Central Taiwan To apply for an interlibrary borrowing card, please visit the University Libraries Consortium of Central Taiwan website

Library Card Application forms:

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