【Events】Language Mix at the Library


Author 典閱組 | Date 2024-03-24

The library is hosting fantastic events in collaboration with the Language Center.
We'll have international students sharing stories about their home cultures, discussing cultural exchanges, and enjoying some group games.
It's gonna be a blast! Join us now~

(Finished) March 28th(Thursday)  18:00-19:00
Host: Clémence (international student from France)

Topic: The strange things I have encountered in Taiwan

(Finished) April 26th(Friday)  18:00-19:00
Host: Sylvester (international student from Sierra Leone)
Topic: History and culture of my country

May 29th(Wednesday)  18:00-19:00
Host: Liki (international student from Japan)
Sign up: http://cal.lib.nchu.edu.tw/?defcoid=1532


1.The events will be held in the Learning Commons on the B1 floor of the library, and conducted in English.
2. The events are for NCHU students and faculty only.
3. The events offer learning point by My NCHU Era by OIA and the General Education Center.
4. For more activities, please refer to the Language Center.

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【Events】Language Mix at the Library