【Events】SDGs Book Selection Event @ Caves Bookstore from May 1st to 31st


Author Acquisitions & Cataloging | Date 2024-04-11

World Book & Copyright Day 2024: Let’s get to know the SDGs

 SDGs Book Selection Event @ Caves Bookstore from May 1st to 31st
Recommend good books for a chance to win an Elephant Cuppa or a 7-11 voucher!

Do you like to visit bookstores? Walk into a bookstore and encounter an interesting book by chance... Wait!! Don't rush to get your wallet out and pay for it, let the library do the shopping for you!

As one of the events for World Book & Copyright Day 2024, the library has especially cooperated with the Caves Bookstore on campus this year to set up an SDGs book section in the bookstore, displaying a rich collection of SDGs-themed books from May 1st to May 31st.

Faculty, students and staff of our school can freely select books at the bookstore during its business hours. As long as the selected books are recommended to the library, there will be a big chance for the library to purchase them and include them in its collection. Participating in this book selection event will also allow you to join a lucky draw with Elephant Cuppas and 7-11 vouchers waiting for you!

More details of the event are as follows:
For whom: NCHU students, faculty and staff only

Where: Caves Bookstore on campus (1F of the library)
When: May 1st (Wed)-May 31st (Fri)
Business Hours: Open Monday-Friday 9:30~18:30 / Closed on weekends
Prizes: 2 Elephant Cuppas, 20 NT$100 7-11 vouchers
(The winner list will be announced on the library’s website after the event.)

How to make a Recommendation to the library:
    1. Visit the Caves Bookstore on campus.
    2. Pick the SDGs books you want to read (other good books in the store will be acceptable as well).
    3. Complete the recommendation through the library's Purchase Request Service System and remember to mark " SDGs" in the “Notes” field to participate in the lucky draw. The more recommendations you make, the higher your chances of winning.
    4. The original limit for recommendations in the Purchase Request Service System is 5 books per month, but in May, the limit is specially adjusted to 8 books.
    5. If you exceed the system's 8-book limit, you can fill out a paper recommendation form on-site as well.
    6. Those who use the system to recommend books will have a higher chance of winning the lucky draw ~ it is strongly recommended to use the online system as much as possible.

    Pop-up Event ~

    From 12:15 to 13:00 on May 14th (Tuesday), there will be a pop-up event at Caves Bookstore on campus. Come recommend good books to the library and get a Chung Hsing Milk Tea!

    Participants who sign up and complete the recommendation will receive priority for a free Chung Hsing milk tea (Limited quantities available!!). On-site participants will receive a small gift instead!

    Sign up for the pop-up event now!

    SDGs Book Selection Event @ Caves Bookstore

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        【Events】SDGs Book Selection Event @ Caves Bookstore from May 1st to 31st