Search Instructions


Search Methods

1. Basic Search: type a keyword, such as book title, author, journal title, ISBN, ISSN, etc. This allows you to find a wider range of search results at once.

2. Advanced Search: type more keywords for precise search results.

3. Refine Search:

lData Type: You can narrow the search results to specific data types, such as books, journals, journal articles, videos, audio recordings, dissertations, etc.

lProximity Search: Limit the order and distance between words.

      For example, using the search term "social science":

  - Search items that contain my query words: The search result may not have the exact phrase "social science" together.
  - Search items that contain my exact words: The search result will contain the phrase "social science" without separation.
    - Begins with: The search result will include item title that begins with the phrase "social science."


lAnywhere in the record: You can limit the search by choosing title, author, subject, call number, ISBN, ISSN, etc.

4.Adjusting Search Results: If there are too many results in your search, please use the "Adjust Search Results" feature to narrow your search. You can use the "Refine" and "Exclude" functions and click on "Apply Filters" to adjust the results according to your settings.

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