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Donations Policy

The NCHU Library welcomes donations of books, journals, and other materials.

  • Please contact 王小姐 (Ms. Wang). Tel: (04) 22840290 ext 121
  • We typically process donations during business hours on weekdays. During weekends, please visit the check in/out counter on the first floor if you have any questions regarding donating.
  • The NCHU Library will not accept the following:
    1. Materials that violate copyright laws
    2. Duplicates (unless they are copies of items in high demand)
    3. Materials in poor condition
    4. Newspapers and single issues of journals/periodicals (except for those that the library is missing)
    5. Pamphlets and brochures retain, transfer or dispose of them.
    6. Materials that are not in accordance with our collection development policies
  • If it is uncertain as whether a donation should be accepted, the Division of Acquisitions & Cataloging will consult relevant persons.
  • The NCHU Library retains all rights to donated materials, including the rights to retain or dispose of them.
  • Donors may receive special privileges and certificates of gratitude. Please refer to our Guidelines for Donation Reward for more information. 
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Introduction Video

Introduction Video

2017/08/31 Version 
Video length: 5 minutes

2015/05/25 Version 
Video length: 7 minutes
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Interlibrary Loan

The interlibrary loan (ILL) system is a service whereby a patron can borrow books or receive photocopies of periodicals, books, theses, and other documents from other participating libraries through prearranged agreements. Please respect intellectual property laws when utilizing the service.


Quick Links

Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS)

Rapid ILL Document Delivery Service




  1. Photocopies of Chinese, Western, Japanese or Korean journal articles, proceedings, book chapters, research papers, and theses
  2. Interlibrary book loans (you can use the National Bibliographic Information Network to search for books)

How do I request items?

  1. Search for the item of interest using the National Bibliographic Information Network or the Union List of Serials.
  2. Visit the NDDS website to submit requests. First-time users must create an account, and it takes about one to two days to activate new accounts. You will receive an email notification when your account is activated.
  3. After receiving an email notification regarding the arrival of the requested items, please pick them up at the 1st-floor reference desk. 

Delivery Time

The process will take one to five business days, depending on where the material is located and how quickly that library or supplier responds to the request.


The cost depends on the library from which the item is requested. For journal articles, the cost is typically NT$2-3 per page. 



RAPIDILL@NCHU is a service for requesting Western journal articles that are not available at the NCHU libraries. This service is available to NCHU staff and students only.

How do I request articles?

  1. Please ensure that the article is not available at one of the NCHU libraries by first checking the NCHU Library Catalogue.
  2. Log onto RapidILL, and fill in the journal title in full (no abbreviations), publication year, volume number, page numbers, ISSN, etc.
  3. After receiving an email notification regarding the arrival of the requested items, please pick them up at the 1st-floor reference desk. 


Rapid ILL can only be used for requesting journal articles

  1. You can search for the ISSNs of journals using the Library of Congress Online Catalog or the Union List of Serials.
  2. The required fields in the application are ISSN, Year, and Volume. If a journal does not have an ISSN, then you will not be able to obtain its articles using RapidILL. If this is the case, we recommend using the NDDS.
  3. If you would like to use the NDDS in the case that an article cannot be obtained using RapidILL, please make a note in your application. 

Delivery Time

Journal articles will be received within seven business days (minimum 24 hours). The actual time may vary according to where the material is located and how quickly that library or supplier responds to the request. If a requested article has not arrived after three business days, you may contact the library to inquire about the status of the request.


The cost is NT$ 3 per page for articles supplied by the RapidILL Service. The Rapid ILL service is free for journals that have been unsubscribed by the university’s Western Journal Committee.

Need more information?

If you would like more details about interlibrary loaning, please contact:

Reference Desk, 1F, Main Library

Tel: 04-22840290 ext.141

E-mail: coop@dragon.nchu.edu.tw

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Other Library Catalogues

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Theses and Dissertations  

National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan

新推出採購參考資料庫各學院使用統計指引, 指引建置了各學院季及年使用統計,歡迎使用







新推出採購參考資料庫各學院使用統計指引, 指引建置了各學院季及年使用統計,歡迎使用







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 電話[ 04-22840290 轉分機 ]
組長 黃俊升
  1. 綜理資訊組業務。
  2. 資訊組工作計畫之擬訂、分配、執行及經費控制。
  3. 協調、彙整本館資訊作業及軟硬體設備需求。
  4. 資訊組財產管理。
  5. 任務小組:自動化暨網頁小組(召集人)。
  6. 臨時交辦事項。
311 第一代理:王國權
副技術師 王國權
  1. 圖書館自動化系統管理與維護。
  2. 西文核心期刊問卷調查系統、急編書系統、報名系統、單一簽入系統、門禁管理系統(3M)、館藏主題統計系統、RapidILL系統、校外人士進館系統、圖書館APP等系統之管理與維護。
  3. 系統分析與程式設計。
  4. 圖書館相關資訊業務諮詢服務。
  5. 圖書館電腦設備維護。
  6. 任務小組:自動化暨網頁小組。
  7. 臨時交辦事項。
313 第一代理:林欣宜
副技術師 陳建嘉
  1. 網路規劃、管理與維護。
  2. 電腦機房規劃、管理及維護(含UPS)。
  3. 機構典藏系統、數位典藏系統、網站服務監測系統、無硬碟系統、公用電腦管理系統之管理與維護。
  4. 圖書館電腦設備、耗材管理與維護。
  5. 第一資訊推廣教室、電腦檢索區之資訊設備管理維護。
  6. 圖書館相關資訊業務諮詢服務。
  7. 任務小組:安全管理小組。
  8. 臨時交辦事項。
322 第一代理:王國權
行政辦事員 林欣宜
  1. 圖書館網頁管理與維護。
  2. 數位自造工坊服務規劃與管理。
  3. 個人資料保護管理制度之推展。
  4. 圖書館相關資訊業務諮詢服務。
  5. 工讀生與志工管理。
  6. 圖書館軟體購置及電腦設備維護。
  7. 任務小組:個資小組(召集人)、自動化暨網頁小組、志工督導小組。
  8. 臨時交辦事項。
325 第一代理:王國權
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圖書館地下室及圖書館週邊道路之停車格均可停放車輛 〈請參考下方圖書館校園指引圖














   往臺中方向 → 下「五權南路」 → 右轉「忠明南路」→左轉「興大路」→國立中興大學。