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Applying for a Library Card


icon02 NCHU faculty and students can use their NCHU ID cards as library cards.


icon02 Students at partner universities (e.g., National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University) or universities in the University Libraries Consortium of Central Taiwan (e.g., Tunghai University, Feng Chia University) can apply for library cards at their school libraries.

icon02  For all other persons, application forms can be obtained at the library front desk or downloaded online. Once you have a completed application form and the required documents, you can apply for a library card at the library front desk.


icon02 NCHU library card requirements and fees

Card typeEligible personsProcessing SpeedSupplementary documentsGuarantor (requires signature on application form)Fees*
Part-time staff library card Part-time teachers,contract staff and research assistants Immediately Copy of NCHU letter of appointment, two one-inch photos Supervisor or full-time teachers in the same department -
Non-degree student library card Students enrolled in continuing education studies or credit programs Immediately two one-inch photos, payment receipts Department head or teaching staff

Deposit: NT$2000

Processing fee: NT$100

Interlibrary borrowing card** NCHU students and staff 2-3 business days NCHU ID, one one-inch photo - -
New student library card (temporary) Incoming students who have been accepted to NCHU but have not registered Immediately Copy of acceptance letter or other proofs of acceptance, two one-inch photos

Department chair or professors

(None needed if a NT$2000 deposit is paid)

Deposit: NT$2000 (if no guarantor)
On-leave student library card Students who have interrupted their studies Immediately Proof of interruption of studies, one one-inch photo, payment receipts -

Deposit: NT$3000

Fee per semester: NT$500 (not refundable)

Retired staff library card Retired staff at NCHU Immediately Retirement certificate (will be returned upon inspection), two one-inch photos - -
Alumni library card NCHU alumni Immediately Alumni card, one one-inch photo, payment receipts -

Deposit: NT$2000

Processing fee: NT$100

Visitor library card Persons who are at least 18 years old 2-3 business days National identification card (will be returned upon inspection), one one-inch photo, payment receipts -

Deposit: NT$3000

Annual fee: NT$2000 (not refundable)

Family reading card Spouses, children, parents or grandparents of NCHU employees 2-3 business days Documents that show proof of relationship between the applicant and the NCHU employee, one one-inch photo The NCHU employee Processing fee: NT$100


* Please visit the Cashiers’ Office (located in the Administrative Building) to pay the associated fees. Be careful not to lose the receipts, as you will need them to get your deposit back. Once you return your library card,  the deposit will be returned without interest. 

**Interlibrary borrowing cards grant borrowing privileges at universities affiliated with the University Libraries Consortium of Central Taiwan. To apply for an interlibrary borrowing card, please visit the University Libraries Consortium of Central Taiwan website


Library Card Application forms:

pdf眷屬閱覽證申請表 (for relatives of NCHU employees)

pdf兼任人員及新生(臨時)借書證申請表 (for part-time staff and new students)

pdf非攻讀學位學員借書證申請表 (for non-degree students)

pdf中興大學圖書館借書證申請表 (for on-leave students, retired staff, alumni, and visitors)

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Multimedia Center


About Multimedia Center


The Multimedia Center is located on the 3rd floor of the NCHU Library

The Multimedia Center houses a large collection of audio and visual materials including video tapes, audio tapes, CDs, VCDs, and DVDs. Aside from these materials, a variety of equipment is also available in the Multimedia Center.

The Multimedia Center offers 50 viewing booths with single or double seating. Each booth is equipped with a personal computer or DVD/videocassette player. Groups of five or more students/staff can apply for group viewing rooms. The majority of audiovisual media are available for checking out. Faculty can borrow up to five items for seven days. Staff and students can borrow up to two items for five days. An overdue fine will be charged for late returns, and there is no renewal or reservation system in place for any borrowed items. Some materials can only be viewed on-site in the Multimedia Center. The users have to view or listen to the materials at the provided booths. NCHU faculty, staff, students, and exchange students are allowed to use them, but the general public will be restricted from using such material.


Opening Hours 

Regular Semester
Mon. ~ Fri.

Sat. ~ Sun.

National Holidays


10:00~17:00 Closed
Summer/Winter Break
Mon. ~ Fri.

Sat. ~ Sun.

National Holidays
10:00~17:00 10:00~17:00 Closed




  1. Food and drinks are not allowed here.

  2. Unauthorized downloading, copying, and/or displaying of the borrowed multimedia without public broadcasting rights is strictly forbidden.

  3. Removing any items from the Multimedia Center without proper procedures is strictly forbidden.


Contact Us

Visit us at the 3rd-floor Information Desk
Tel: (04)2284-0290-5 ext.315.

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Interlibrary Loan


The interlibrary loan (ILL) system is a service whereby a patron can borrow books or receive photocopies of periodicals, books, theses, and other documents from other participating libraries through prearranged agreements. Please respect intellectual property laws when utilizing the service.


Quick Links

Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS)

Rapid ILL Document Delivery Service




  1. Photocopies of Chinese, Western, Japanese or Korean journal articles, proceedings, book chapters, research papers, and theses
  2. Interlibrary book loans (you can use the National Bibliographic Information Network to search for books)

How do I request items?

  1. Search for the item of interest using the National Bibliographic Information Network or the Union List of Serials.
  2. Visit the NDDS website to submit requests. First-time users must create an account, and it takes about one to two days to activate new accounts. You will receive an email notification when your account is activated.
  3. After receiving an email notification regarding the arrival of the requested items, please pick them up at the 1st-floor reference desk. 

Delivery Time

The process will take one to five business days, depending on where the material is located and how quickly that library or supplier responds to the request.


The cost depends on the library from which the item is requested. For journal articles, the cost is typically NT$2-3 per page. 



RAPIDILL@NCHU is a service for requesting Western journal articles that are not available at the NCHU libraries. This service is available to NCHU staff and students only.

How do I request articles?

  1. Please ensure that the article is not available at one of the NCHU libraries by first checking the NCHU Library Catalogue.
  2. Log onto RapidILL, and fill in the journal title in full (no abbreviations), publication year, volume number, page numbers, ISSN, etc.
  3. After receiving an email notification regarding the arrival of the requested items, please pick them up at the 1st-floor reference desk. 


Rapid ILL can only be used for requesting journal articles

  1. You can search for the ISSNs of journals using the Library of Congress Online Catalog or the Union List of Serials.
  2. The required fields in the application are ISSN, Year, and Volume. If a journal does not have an ISSN, then you will not be able to obtain its articles using RapidILL. If this is the case, we recommend using the NDDS.
  3. If you would like to use the NDDS in the case that an article cannot be obtained using RapidILL, please make a note in your application. 

Delivery Time

Journal articles will be received within seven business days (minimum 24 hours). The actual time may vary according to where the material is located and how quickly that library or supplier responds to the request. If a requested article has not arrived after three business days, you may contact the library to inquire about the status of the request.


The cost is NT$ 3 per page for articles supplied by the RapidILL Service. The Rapid ILL service is free for journals that have been unsubscribed by the university’s Western Journal Committee.

Need more information?

If you would like more details about interlibrary loaning, please contact:

Reference Desk, 1F, Main Library

Tel: 04-22840290 ext.141


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