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Digital Maker Studio


The Digital Maker Studio in NCHU Library is an environment that encourages its users to be innovative and proactive while exploring and executing new ideas from all subject areas. This maker space provides access to a convenient space which is equipped with several modern digital technologies, such as 3D scanner, 3D printer, computer, specialty software and more. By making the resources available and accessible for users across campus, the studio has been designed to turn creative ideas into realities. Students who use the space are inspired to undergo hands-on experiences and are anticipated to develop problem solving skills.


 * Regulation

Approved student may appoint Digital Maker Studio at 自學空間預約系統 and following 數位自造工坊使用須知 . User should also refer 國立中興大學圖書館數位自造工坊管理要點.


 * Space Introduction

  Digital Maker Studio is located at 5/f library and is a composition of tutorial and working area.

  Tutorial area could accommodate up to 25 person and equipped with 75” mobile monitor, glass whiteboard, 5 mobile whiteboards and 9 power sockets.

  There is a 210*90CM desk in working area and also offer 3D scanner, monochrome/multi-color 3D printer, LCD 3D printer, and heat transfer printing system

tutorial area

tutorial area

working area

working area


 * Equipment Introduction


3D Scanner

  • Suitable for scanning opaque, non-black and glare-free object with size up to 20cm.
  • Support stl, obj, 3mf, ply, asc file for output.




Monochrome 3D printer

  • Print under Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
  • Support several printing material including PLA
  • Maximum printing size is 20*20*20cm




Multicolor 3D printer

  • Using PLA as printing material
  • Support up to 4 print out colors
  • Maximum printing size is 19*20*20cm




LCD 3D printer

 Suitable for more sophisticated and sturdy product

  • Using photopolymer as printing material
  • Maximum printing size is 29*16*40cm
  • Equipped with UV curing system




Heat press machine

  • Support different material including cloth, ceramics and aluminum so that T-shirt, mug, handbag could be customized.
  • Also equipped die-cut machine, computer, dye-sub printer and heat transfer printer.



 Authorized user may apply Digital Maker Studio by submitting 申請表單 to Miss Lo of 資訊組(290#325)in advance of 14 days. Successful applicant will receive confirmation letter. Cancellation should inform 3 days before appointment day.


 * Charge

    • Heat transfer printing : All printing material please buy in CAVES bookstore.
    • 3D printing (FDM): Library provide PLA. Charge is based on finish time shown in Slicer. Minimum charge is $50 with unit time of 1 hour. On second hour, charge is $25 per 30 minutes with unit time of half hour.
      • Monochrome 3D printing: Charge is based on finish time shown in MPrint.
      • Multicolor 3D printing: Charge is based on 2 time of finish time shown in CANVAS.
      • Payment should make by EasyCard and no recharge service provided so please make sure your card has sufficient balance.
      • PLA color show below










Light Blue

Light Blue

    • LCD 3D printing: Charge is based on finish time shown in CHITUBOX. Minimum charge is $80 with unit time of 1 hour. On second hour, charge is $40 per 30 minutes with unit time of half hour.
      • Payment should make by EasyCard and no recharge service provided so please make sure your card has sufficient balance.
      • Resin color please refer following.
water gray

water gray





Aqua Green

Aqua Green

Aqua Blue

Aqua Blue

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Printing Services


Dear library patrons,

Please be mindful of copyright regulations  when using the printing services. Everyone is allowed to use the printers. Please help yourself to print.


ServiceMachine LocationsPayment MethodTotal Number of MachinesPrice Per Page


Copy rooms located on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th floors; learning commons

Printing card (only one machine located on the first floor) or EasyCard (all other machines)




First floor’s Information Retrieval Area, learning commons



Black and white: 

A4, B4: NT$1

A3: NT$2


A4, B4: NT$5

A3: NT$10

A3 Scanning

First floor’s Information Retrieval Area




A4 Scanning

Learning commons






  1. It requires an ID to borrow a printing card at the reference desk.  After you have finished printing, please refund the printing cards and pay the fees at the reference desk.
  2. If you need a receipt when printing or photocopying with an EasyCard, please consult library staff at the reference desk or the learning commons.
  3. Printing instructions:
    1. Submit a printing request from any computers in the Information Retrieval Area on the first floor to the Photocopy machines.
    2. Confirm that the printing request is displayed on the printer's screen.
    3. Insert an EasyCard, and then select the desired printing options.
    4. Click “認證列印” (“Print”) at the top­right corner of the screen.
    5. Your document will be printed, and the appropriate charge will be automatically deducted from your EasyCard.
    6. If the value of your EasyCard is less than NT$10 left, printing is not allowed.
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Donations Policy


The NCHU Library welcomes donations of books, journals, and other materials.

  • Please contact 鐘小姐 (Ms. Chung). Tel: (04) 22840290 ext 121
  • We typically process donations during business hours on weekdays. During weekends, please visit the check in/out counter on the first floor if you have any questions regarding donating.
  • The NCHU Library will not accept the following:
    1. Materials that violate copyright laws
    2. Duplicates (unless they are copies of items in high demand)
    3. Materials in poor condition
    4. Newspapers and single issues of journals/periodicals (except for those that the library is missing)
    5. Pamphlets and brochures retain, transfer or dispose of them.
    6. Materials that are not in accordance with our collection development policies
  • If it is uncertain as whether a donation should be accepted, the Division of Acquisitions & Cataloging will consult relevant persons.
  • The NCHU Library retains all rights to donated materials, including the rights to retain or dispose of them.
  • Donors may receive special privileges and certificates of gratitude. Please refer to our Guidelines for Donation Reward for more information. 
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Individual Study Room



With their NCHU ID cards, NCHU students and employees are free to use the individual study room (also known as the "reading room") located on B1.

The individual study room is open from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m on weekdays. On weekends and during winter and summer vacations, the hours are subject to change. Please refer to the “Library Hours” page for updated information.




週一, 27 七月 2015 16:22

Individual Research Rooms





The library has a total of 16 individual research rooms (referred to as "study rooms" by the library floor plans) located on the second and fourth floors. These rooms are available to NCHU undergraduate students enrolled in thesis courses, as well as NCHU faculty and graduate students.


Requesting for an individual research room
You can request for an individual research room at the library front desk, for up to seven days in a row.

If no rooms are available, you can make an online reservation. You will receive an email notification when a room is available. Once you receive the email notification, you will be given two days to either cancel the request or check out the key to the individual research room.


Usage Policies

  1. The loan period for individual research rooms is seven days.
  2. The library reserves the right to remove any personal items left in study rooms after the seven-day usage period. For each day that a key is overdue, usage rights will be suspended for seven days.
  3. individual research rooms are only for the use of the individuals who requested the rooms. If an individual research is lent to other individuals, usage rights will be immediately suspended for 30 days.
  4. Users are responsible for paying the replacement costs of lost keys.
  5. Individual research rooms are intended for activities related to research. If a user is found to engage in other activities, usage rights will be suspended for three months
  6. Users are not allowed to change the door locks or make copies of the room keys. Violation of this rule will result in a one-year suspension of usage rights.
  7. Users are not allowed to share the study rooms with other individuals or move library furniture into the study rooms. After two warnings, usage rights will be suspended for one month.

If you have any questions, please call (04)22840290 ext. 162





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Reader Discussion Rooms


Detailed Rules



There is a total of Seven reader discussion rooms (also known as group study rooms) located on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors of the library.

With their NCHU ID cards, NCHU staff and students can request for study rooms at the library front desk. Rooms are available to groups of three or more people and are on a first come, first served basis. Each person can only book one room at a time, and each room is available for four hours.

週一, 27 七月 2015 14:48

Lost library materials



Please report all lost library materials to the library front desk. If you lose a library item, you will be given two options:


1. Purchase a replacement copy with contents identical to those of the lost item. After you report the lost item, you will be given a 30-day grace period to purchase a replacement copy. If the replacement copy is not obtained within 30 days, you will be subject to a NT$5 late fee per day, up to NT$150. After you reach the NT$150 limit, your borrowing privileges will be suspended for one day for each day thereafter; suspensions for multiple lost/late items are cumulative.

If you return the original copy instead of a replacement copy, you will be subject to fines as outlined in Article 9 of the library’s borrowing rules, without the 30-day grace period.


2. Pay a replacement fee according to Article 6 of the library’s borrowing rules.

Link:Borrowing rules
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Overdue items



1. For each overdue item, the fine is NT$5 per day for up to 30 days. After 30 days, the reader’s borrowing privileges will be suspended for one day for each day thereafter. Suspensions for multiple overdue items are cumulative.


2. You will not be able to borrow, renew or reserve library materials until all overdue items are returned and all fines are cleared.


週一, 27 七月 2015 14:45

Email Notification Service


The library sends out email notifications seven days, three days, and one day prior to an item’s due date. If an item is overdue, you will receive notifications one day, three days, and seven days after the due date. You will also receive an email notification upon the arrival of a requested item.


You can update your email address under the “My Account/Renew” tab after logging onto WebPAC(the “login” button can be found at the top-right corner of the library website).


To ensure that you receive email notifications, please check your inbox regularly and confirm that the emails are not categorized as spam. Regardless of the reason, failure to receive email notifications may not be used as an excuse for waiving overdue fines or obtaining a loan period extension.




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NCHU Library App


     We have developed an Android app that allows access to library services on mobile devices.

     The first version of the library app was released on April 17th, 2014. It allowed users to view the statuses of checked-out and requested library materials. It also gave notifications regarding due dates and arrivals of requested items. Additionally, it included an in-app renewal function, giving users a convenient means to renew items.

     A second version was released on November 24th, 2014. In addition to the original features, the new release allows users to search for library materials using keywords or ISBN barcodes. It also provides users with much more information, such as news items, new releases, popular books, library hours, and library floor plans.

     In order to support the Android system update, a third version of our NCHU Library App was released in December 2016. Some of the functions were adjusted in order to turn the App into a portable library. 

QR code:


Download the library app now

(Required system: Android 4.1 or above)


Download the library app now

(Required system: iOS 8.0 or above)


Features (Internet connection required):

  1. Live updates of library news
  2. Push notifications:
    • Seven, three, and one day before due date
    • One, three, and seven days, after due date
    • Arrivals of requested items
  3. In-app renewal of checked-out materials
  4. Catalog search using ISBN barcodes or keywords; users can request books on the search results page
  5. Loan history and status of borrowed items
  6. Library hours and popular books

Main Menu

Settings Homepage Push Notifications
APP-3 2 APP-3 3 APP-3 1 APP-3 4
Catalog search: search by keyword Catalog search: ISBN barcode scan ISBN scan results Checked-out items

APP-3 6

APP-3 7

APP-3 8 APP-3 10

Renewal results (success)


APP-3 11





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