Innovation Sense through Perspectives of Patent Bibliometrics Analysis

作者:Szu-chia Scarlett Lo (羅思嘉) 著



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Bibliometrics analysis has been applied for revealing research activity. After Narin's work in 1994, bibliometricians have been pursuing patent bibliometrics analysis. In this eight-chapter work, the author applies advanced techniques to reveal the development of technological researches via patent analysis. The work covers the issues in research productivity analysis, collaboration in triple-helix model, construction brain-map through co-inventorship, application of direct citation, patent coupling and co-patent to generate linkage indexes, meanings of citation identity and image, linkage between basic research and development of industrial technology, and the discussion is ended with reflection on impact of patenting activity on basic research. The readers could get a sense of how to apply patent bibliometrics methods to reveal innovative meanings in research works and interpret the results. It is a work for the readers who works as a bibliometrician or is interested in becoming a researcher in this field.